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Policies and Procedures

Disclaimer: The policies of The University of Memphis are intended only as a guideline and are not a contract or a statement of the conditions of employment. Nothing contained herein is intended to alter The University's right to take the employment action it deems appropriate. These policies are subject to modification at any time by The University.

Most Recently Approved Policies and Procedures

UM13284/23/2014Moving Expenses
Rationale: Non-substantive change that removed the word "reimbursed."
UM12484/17/2014Privacy of Education Records (Compliance with FERPA)
Rationale: expected date of graduation and actual date of graduation added to the list of Directory information.
UM12933/24/2014Occupational Safety and Health Program
Rationale: Changed the executive office from Provost to President and responsible official from Vice Provost for Research to Vice President for Research.
UM13113/13/2014Purchase of Meals
Rationale: This revision provides additional clarification regarding when expenses for meals can be reimbursed.
Clarifications include that:
  • Expenses may be incurred only for those individuals whose presence is necessary to the business discussion.
  • Gatherings that are primarily social in nature, such as holiday events, do not qualify for payment or reimbursement as business meals.
  • Gratuities will be reimbursed at a maximum of 20% of the total cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

UM13403/13/2014Memberships and Subscriptions
Rationale: This revision makes the following changes:
  • Newspaper clipping services must be approved by the President or the Presidentís designee (Currently requires Chancellor approval) and a copy attached.
  • Name of form used is changed.
  • Clarifies appropriate object codes.

UM13412/24/2014Distribution of Salary Payments
Rationale: revised with non-substantive changes, that include web links, names of forms and reports, and the addition of a definition for the pre-notification process.
UM150711/7/2013Procurement and Contract Services
Rationale: Updated to reflect approved increases in bid thresholds by TBR and State policies.
UM157111/7/2013Contracts and Signatory Authority
Rationale: Updated to reflect approved increases in bid thresholds by TBR and State policies.
UM176411/5/2013Student Activity Fee
Rationale: added "referenced" to Procedures.

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