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Summer Compensation for Nine-Month Faculty


Issued: May 4, 2012
Responsible Official: Vice President for Business & Finance
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

Policy Statement

Summer appointments are contingent on the teaching, research, administrative, and service needs of the department and the University.  Summer assignments are separate from academic-year appointments, and compensation is based on prior academic-year salary.

Summer compensation is for work performed during the Summer Term.



To publish the limitations on summer compensation as established by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), the University, and to set out the procedure for how academic year/9-month faculty will receive payment for summer assignments.

To address sponsor requirements related to the receipt of summer compensation.


Academic Year

The Provost’s Office publishes the dates of academic years periodically. Typically, the academic year will begin one week before the first day of classes in the fall semester and will end one week after the last day of exams in the spring semester. These dates are consistent with those included in the 9-month faculty contracts.

Summer Session

The three-month period between the end of the academic year and the beginning of the new academic year.


Earnings Limits for Summer Compensation

Summer compensation may not exceed maximum set forth in TBR Policy 5:02:04:10.

  • Credit Instruction Limitation for Faculty of the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law – The rate of compensation is $2,500 per credit hour without regard to rank, and no faculty member may exceed the limit of three credit hours per summer term.
  • Credit Instruction Limitation for all other Faculty - The rate of compensation shall be 1/32 (3.125%) of the prior academic year salary per credit hour. The maximum compensation for credit instruction is 25% of the prior academic year base salary.
  • Division/Department Heads – Compensation for these administrators should be commensurate with the duties assigned but should not exceed 25% of the prior academic year base salary.
  • Part-Time Assignments – Compensation for work on a part-time basis should be prorated accordingly.
  • Total Summer Compensation – Summer compensation cannot exceed 1/9 of the prior academic year base salary per month for a maximum of three months for faculty who:
    • work on sponsored projects during the summer.
    • provide other professional services paid from restricted funds during the summer, and/or
    • teach summer credit courses and/or
    • participate in noncredit instructional services, such as continuing education courses, conferences and seminars during the summer.
  • Total Compensation from Sponsored Programs (Grants and Contracts)
    Summer compensation for work involving sponsored programs (grants and contracts) cannot exceed 90% of the maximum summer compensation allowed for nine-month faculty. Funds from unrestricted sources, University of Memphis Foundation or the University of Memphis Research Foundation, may be used to supplement summer salary.

Note that summer compensation charges to NSF grants, including summer salary, for an individual typically cannot exceed two months academic year base salary. 

If any limits are exceeded, the excess will be considered an overpayment and the payee will be required to repay any excess payment to the University.


Authorization for Work and Payment Request Form

Credit Instruction During the Summer

  • Administrative and Part-Time Faculty

For instructional pay, Administrative Employees should use the online Extra Compensation Form for payment. Once completed, please submit form to Faculty Administrative Services (FAS) at 374 or 376 Administration Building.

Part Time Faculty should use the online Appointment Contract for Part-Time Instruction to request summer pay:  The form must be completed according to the guidelines located at:

  • 9-Month Faculty

Faculty eContracts and Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) are required to be completed by departments for submission to Human Resources for processing:

Non-Credit Instruction, Research, and Other Service During the Summer

Prior to commencement of work, 9-Month Faculty or department representatives must complete the Faculty Summer Compensation eContract ( and obtain electronic approval from the employee’s home department head, as well as from the employing department head to authorize work. 

An Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)  should be submitted to Human Resources prior to the beginning of the work.  The amount of pay requested must be directly related proportionally to the effort expended in the respective payment period. Payment will be made on the regular monthly payroll pay date in the same manner as the employee’s regular pay, i.e., direct deposit. 

The final date to submit a request for payment of summer compensation is September 8th.  Requests submitted after this date will require Provost approval and manual certification or re-certification of Summer Term Effort.

Retirement Credit

The University of Memphis must control the reporting of compensation earnings to retirement systems. For retirement reporting purposes, TCA § 8-34-101(14)(D) limits credit for compensation from extra services to no more than 25% of base pay. Faculty and staff may earn more than 25% in any reporting period, but no more than 25% will be credited to the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) or Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), as applicable.


Roles and Responsibilities

 Principal Investigator/Program Director/Payee

  • Limit monthly summer compensation pay request to no more than 1/9 of academic salary.
  • Limit total summer compensation pay request to no more than 3 months total.
  • Ensure pay amount and timing of pay is commensurate with effort/work performed.
  • Submit EPAF to Human Resources by the required deadline – final deadline is September 8th.
  • Responsible for repaying any summer compensation in excess of established limits.

  Administrator/Business Officer

  • Provide guidance/assistance to payee regarding use of the correct process to be used to obtain payment.
  • Provide guidance/assistance to the payee to ensure that payment limits are not exceeded.
  • Provide guidance/assistance to the department chair regarding total maximum allowable payment for total summer compensation (33 1/3% limit) and monthly compensation limit (1/9) and total maximum allowable payment form sponsored programs (90%).
  • Assist in ensuring that EPAFs are submitted by the required deadlines – final deadline is September 8th.
  • Ensure EPAFs and eContracts are submitted timely and accurately..

 Departmental Chairs/Directors

  • Ensure pay amount and timing of pay request is commensurate with effort/work performed.
  • Ensure that payee’s summer compensation does not exceed 1/9 of academic year salary in any one month.
  • Ensure that payee’s total summer compensation does not exceed 3/9 or 33 1/3% of payee’s academic salary.

  Research Support Services

  • Ensure proposals comply with University or sponsor limits regarding maximum amount of summer compensation that may be requested/budgeted.
  • Inform PIs during the grant proposal process of the required certification when all summer compensation is from sponsored programs.

 Human Resources

  • Ensure correct earnings codes are used on the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).
  • Monitor to ensure that total summer compensation does not exceed 33 1/3% of academic salary.  Monitor that summer earnings do not exceed 1/9 of academic salary for any month.

Related Forms

Faculty Summer Compensation eContract Utility


TBR Policy 5:02:04:10 Faculty Compensation During Summer Session and Inter-sessions

UM1490 Extra Compensation and Outside Employment

UM1676 Certification of Effort

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 UM1493 - Issued: May 4, 2012

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